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Finding The Highest Coverage Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plan offers are great in number, and many vary in the coverage that they offer. Some provide prescription benefits, while others offer lower co-pays at the doctor’s office. Some are even co-pay free. To find the one that is best for you, take some time to do your homework and consider your true medical needs.

One of the first things to consider when looking at the various Medicare Advantage plans have to offer is whether or not you take prescription medications. If you do, you should look at how many prescriptions you are taking and if they are ones you are using as maintenance medications and therefore ordering every month. If you take a large amount of maintenance medications, it is probably important to look at Medicare Advantage plans that offer prescription coverage. If on the other hand you only take a few medications, you might be wiser to pay out of pocket and stick to a plan that costs you less in premiums every month.

Next, consider what your current Medicare enrollment is. If you wish to enroll in Medicare Advantage plans, every state requires that you be enrolled in both Medicare A and Medicare B. If you are not, you must opt in to both plans before you can enroll. You will continue to pay part of your Medicare B premiums while you are enrolled in your Medicare Advantage plan, and you will not lose any of the benefits you were previously guaranteed.

Also consider that most plans require you to see an in network doctor to receive the greatest financial benefits. Take the time to make sure the plan of your choosing includes your doctor in order to avoid having to switch or pay higher out of pocket expenses.

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