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Help! I was just denied by my insurance!

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7 comments on “Help! I was just denied by my insurance!

  • Must mean something like your missing something the insurance company
    requires? :/ GOOD LUCK i hope you will get it all squared away. ill be
    thinking about you <3 <3

  • TRY AGAIN, i would talk to the place that is doing your surgery, and
    whomever told you were approved. and have them explain to you why you were
    approved and what could have happened.

  • Im so sorry I will be praying for you! Maybe you need to call and ask them
    what you need to do ask for the baratric nurse who does the reviews this is
    what I did. Good Luck!

  • i’m sorry your having trouble with the insurance that really is bad. i wish
    you luck when you call today. keep us informed with another video. :)

  • Appeal the hell out of it! Maybe you could send pictures of you throughout
    the years, or have friends and family notarize something about your
    struggle with taking off the weight. The surgeon’s office should help you
    more, make sure they are doing everything they can to help. Good luck! I’ll
    be thinking of you. Keep us updated.

  • talk to you pcp and see if they can write something up for you if you tell
    them what your diet situations have been over the last few years. if you
    have a good relationship with him/her she may do that for you. its
    information that your pcp should have anyway. i hadnt been to the dr in
    YEARS, so i sat down with him and told him what had been going on for that
    last few years and he made notes and sent them off. sooo maybe that will
    work..hope everythign works out :)

  • I hope things have changed for the better for you by now. Mine denied me as
    well – AFTER telling my surgeon’s office they would approve.

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