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No insurance thanks Obama let me dig in my pocket!

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22 comments on “No insurance thanks Obama let me dig in my pocket!

  • I hate obam worst pos ever..any hoot …sorry didn’t get a chance to meet
    you when you where visiting ur son..next time in your Baltimore holler.. I
    live about 20-30 min north..

  • The biggest racket is dentistry – it doesn’t take much to rack up a several
    thousand dollar bill which insurance won’t cover.

  • It is ironic that those who are against any form of govt healthcare then
    complain about the cost of healthcare when they have to go out in the free
    market and pay for healthcare services. As it turns out you need your
    vision and corporations know youll pay up to keep it. So if you choose not
    to pay for insurance you end up with a $400 bill when you need a basic
    service. Good luck if you need any major medical care, then we are talking
    six figures.

  • Looking good with your new glasses. I was like wow the world speeded up
    when I had my first pair! Have fun and joy

  • I just went through the eye exam and got new glasses last week,my old
    glasses were 5 years old and pretty beat up.With insurance I got 2 pairs of
    glasses,one regular pair ($96) and a pair of sunglasses ($150)…with out
    insurance it would have been close to $600…I had the transition lenses in
    my last pair of glasses and I didn’t like them,they worked great on cloudy
    days and they only work outside,they use UV rays to darken,I thought
    transitions were just a waste of money…I’m on my wife’s insurance because
    what my job offers is not good…at all….stay safe & have a good one

  • I got specs at Costco and they came in way cheaper than LensCrafters.
    Also, if you need wrap-around sun protection I’d recommend Lenscovers on
    Amazon. They fit on over your specs and cost something under $20. Just be
    sure to get out a ruler and measure carefully.

  • You want good glasses cheaper? http://www.zennioptical.com/ Know a lot of
    folks who use them. The last pair of glasses for my wife from them were
    EXACTLY the same as the ones from the optometrist. Color changing, bifocals
    and titanium flex frames. DR. cost $458.00 From Zenni they were under 120
    bucks. When they came I compared them up close. The frames were the exact
    same ones. The lenses from the DR came from “offshore” (when pushed I
    discovered that the company uses the same lens grinding gear as Zenni…)

  • I have bifocals and it still cost me over 500 at walmart…would have cost
    me a lot more else where
    But i also have a second pair as it is required in the truck to have spare
    pair…welcome to old age joe..lol


  • should come to Irealnd everything medical is free state pays for everything

  • You said you spent 5 years looking off the deck of a ship. If that was in
    the Navy you should check with the VA. You will save some money. Good

  • Welcome to the world of self-employment, J! When you’re a wage slave to
    some big company, you get stuff like insurance for “free”. You really
    think it’s “free”? When you’re on your own as a small “bidnessman”, you
    get the tab for those freebies… So what would you rather have — freedom
    to build yourself a future or “free” glasses? OBTW, you made the choice,
    not Obama. That’s probably one of the few things he’s NOT guilty of!
    Carry on, bro, enjoy your videos! 

  • Don’t waste your money on the transition lenses if your thinking they would
    be nice for driving. They work because of uv rays which the glass in your
    vehicle protect you from. Hence no uv rays to cause the darkening. I
    learned this the hard way.

  • Lenscrafters 25 bucks for the insurance i “lost mine” and they replaced

  • DAMN You look very J 

  • J, I had to get glasses too for my physical. Sucky part is, my eyes aren’t
    even bad, the eye doc was asking me why I needed glasses, he said your eyes
    aren’t even bad. Stupid govt regulations 

  • I did Lasik, one eye for up close and one for far away. Best thing I ever

  • They will need to do a new parody of you now! By the way the “mutantsith”
    has perfect 20/20

  • Russ is right check with VA it may take awhile and lots of paperwork but
    you’ll get an eye exam every year and glasses.

  • I’m 43 and haven’t had an eye exam since I got out of the Navy in 1993. I
    think it’s about time.

  • 5 years of standing on a ship ruined your eyes. Try 15 years of operating a
    crane and looking up toward the sun for minutes at a time and than back to
    the ground to grab another item to lift. I will need to get glasses soon
    and I also faked my eye exam. I can see if I use both eyes so when the
    nurse wasn’t looking at me I would peek at the chart with both eyes instead
    of just one. I am 47. I do have insurance for about 300/month for just

  • Be thankful you have any insurance. And eyes. And a nice car. And a video
    recorder. And internets. And probably a nice house. What are you
    complaining about exactly?

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