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possible insurance help?

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  • Insurance companies drive me nuts. Sucks that it’s been such a hassle but
    it sounds like there’s some hope and it counts for something. Does the
    surgeon you’re working with take insurance?

  • Yep they’re the worst. And yes! I’m using Melissa Johnson, and her office
    actually strongly encouraged I pressure my insurance. So hopefully they’ll
    help facilitate this whole dumb paperwork-laden claim process :]

  • That’s good. Insurance companies should be pressured. They need to start
    covering this stuff without all the hoops. Best of luck to you. I hope it
    all works out.

  • Im in the same boat

  • Thanks very much!

  • No I’m sorry to hear that! It sucks don’t it?

  • While not going through the process directly, I have witnessed the struggle
    through my best friend, Chris. He is transitioning from a female body to
    male, and the insurance policy is just complete hell for him. Can totally –
    in a second party way – empathize with your annoyance.

  • i love your jacket, where’d you get it from?

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